Handstand in yoga represent one of the biggest challenges for many yogis. Not just because it’s physically hard, but it requires strength of the mind, total focus and patience. Overcoming the fear of falling is one of the most freeing sensation one can experience, and as any other inversion pose, achieving handstand works as a metaphor for obstacles in life, teaches about failure as a necessary part of success.

Learning how to handstand is not a one time achievement, but rather a whole journey, oftentimes taking many years – and then more years after, to perfect the straight line, build stamina in long holds; or achieving deep backbends in it.

In this workshop, we will tackle the basic principles, alignment, drills and techniques to start, but also continue your handstand journey. We will work in a safe environment, with proper explanation on how to enter, learn to balance and how to fall without injuries. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of what is important in balancing on your hands and how to achieve it in a best way for your body and mind type.

The Workshop is in english.



WHEN: Begin of 2022, we will announce the date soon!
PRICE: 40 EURO (early Bird 35 EURO: payment received until…)
ONLY ONLINE PAYMENT: Raphaela Pruckner OG, AT72 2011 1837 3139 3700
AFTER PAYMENT PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL: office@hotyogavienna.at

Lenka Minarik is a Vienna-based yoga teacher since 2016. She came to Austria to pursue her job as scientist in the field of Medical Physics at the Medical University of Vienna, where she worked for 10 years. During this time, she realise her heart wants to help others improve their lives more directly than from a lab at the hospital.
In her mind, yoga isn’t just exercising the body, diving deep into a backbend, or balancing on the palms though. But rather about how regular yoga practice can affect and transform the mind and our behavior off of the yoga mat.