Our team is composed of cheerful and friendly instructors who love to teach yoga.
We do not put our yogis under pressure, but we want them to bring out the best in themselves.
We offer yoga for everyone – no matter if you are a beginner or if you already have experience in practicing yoga.

RAPHAELA. Ever since she was a child, Raphaela loves to do sports. She studied International Business Economics at the WU Vienna and after gathering a lot of business experience she decided to become a yoga teacher. Raphaela discovered her passion for yoga soon after her first Hatha-Yoga class in 2007 and since then she was eager to know more about yoga.   In august 2012 she opened her first Hot Yoga Vienna studio.    “Yoga helped me to heal chronic complaints and now I am much more aware of my health – I even quit smoking!”
ANNEMARIE is an Austro-American and currently resident in Vienna. She practices yoga since the middle of the 90s and after her tragical parachute accident in 2003 yoga helped her to recover and since then it is a very big part of her life. In addition to her teaching activities, Annemarie is a producer of the radio show VENUSfrequency on Her yoga classes are a combination of inspiring wisdoms and Rock´n Roll.
SYBILLE. “Billy” practices yoga to balance her running routine. She is a very eager yoga teacher who works with great detail and loves her job. Billy´s motto: “Sweat today, to be happy tomorrow.”
EVA is a passionate dancer and yoga teacher. She loves to combine music and yoga, especially while teaching Vinyasa Flow classes.
HELMUT is interested in many things such as yoga, dance, martial arts and functional fitness. In his classes he concentrates on the right breathing techniques and body tension.
KATHARINA. She made her passion to her profession: since 2014 Katharina teaches yoga and loves to work with adults and kids.
LÈNOK was born in Russia and raised in Germany. She speaks 6 different languages and uses her powerful but calming voice in her yoga classes. She sees yoga as meditation, which trains body and soul.
SARA. Together with her family Sara started to practice yoga. Driven by the positive energy of yoga, she decided to become a teacher herself. Sara does a lot of “off the mat” practice and wants yoga to be part of her student´s daily life.
IRENE studied social anthropology and is convinced that all people are of equal value. The interplay between power, concentration coordination and peace of mind is very important for her.
CARINA. She is a full-time Yoga and Pilates Trainer and in Addition she is a Fitness Trainer, teaches breathing and anti-stress techniques and is a Hantha Yoga Coach. 
FIONA. During her trip to India she got to know the origins of Yoga, Ansana practice and meditation. Fiona is full of positive energy and which she likes to share with her yogis.  
ANDREA. Her studies in Nutritional Sciences laid the foundation of a healthy and conscious living. Andrea started her yoga journey in 2015 and completed apprenticeships in Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga for stress and burnout and Yin Yoga.    
IWONA is our talented singer who discovered her passion for yoga in Hawaii. The training in Thai Yoga Massage and the knowledge in Ayurveda characterize her yoga classes.
FILOU is our beloved Yoga-Doggo. He is gentle, loyal and would never harm anyone.